Kelly has 20 years’ experience working in childcare. She is a qualified Maternity Nurse, Emergency Medical Technician, First Aid Instructor and CPO. Kelly is a member of the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants and also the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants.

Kelly Geoghegan

EMT, MNT, Paediatric Sleep Consultant


I created the Let’s Get Started plan for parents who wish to gently guide their baby on to a routine so that their new baby won’t have to be sleep trained and also their baby won’t experience sleep regressions.

Many of my Let’s Get Started Sleepy Stars have parents whom I’ve worked with previously with their sibling(s). They often text me to announce they are expecting and ask when can they book in. They know they don’t want to experience the stress and worry that they had with their other children. I don’t take bookings until baby has arrived safe into the world, and we then aim to work together when baby is 6-8 weeks old and guide baby gently on to a routine, with baby sleeping safely and happily through the night by 12 weeks.

Because I have been so busy this year with a never-ending wait list I thought that a Webinar may be an option to help more parents in one go; especially those with younger babies that I may not be able to help while they are still under 4 months.

Duration : 2 Hours (Q&A at the end can sometimes make it run over the 2 hours)
Who is this webinar for?

Expecting parents and parents of young babies (under 4 months) who wish to learn more about baby sleep habits and routine. 

What's included?

  • I will be discussing:- 
  • Baby Sleep in the early weeks
  • Sleep cues and associations
  • Routine – day and night
  • Avoiding unsustainable habits
  • Feeding
  • Sleep aids

All of this is information that I relay to my Let’s Get Started Sleepy Stars’ parents and they have great success. Everything that I recommend parents to do, I have personally done myself many many times when working as a maternity nurse. I know how difficult it can be sometimes but I also know how worthwhile it is when baby and parents are rested and happy.

How does it work?

I will be using Zoom for this webinar. Please ensure that you have a strong internet connection before signing up. You will receive a link for the webinar upon registering.

Please add info@sleepystars.ie to your safe senders/contact list to ensure the email gets through as we don’t want it to go to your junk mail. If you are signing in with a different name to the one you signed up with please reply to this email to let us know to save confusion before the Webinar.

On the day of the Webinar we will open the waiting room 30 minutes beforehand. We will admit everyone into the webinar approximately 5-10 minutes before it starts. Please ensure that your zoom name is the same as your ticket name or that you have let us know the different name. To be fair to those who have paid there are limited spaces on the webinar so only those on the list will be admitted. We limit numbers to allow for question time.  

Bullet point presentation slides will be sent to each ticket holder after the webinar but we recommend you take notes. There is a lot of information discussed within a short space of time on this webinar as this is not a consultation and obviously cannot be tailored to each person attending.

We understand that it can be difficult to give this webinar your full attention whilst caring for a baby so we recommend that, if possible, you plan to have an extra pair of hands available during the webinar so that you can obtain the maximum amount of information and benefit of attending. This webinar can last over two hours depending on Q&A time.

Important: This webinar does NOT cover sleep training; this is focusing on routine and helping to put baby’s days in the best place possible in order to have baby sleep through naturally without any sleep training. I will endeavour to answer as many relevant questions as possible when discussing the topics. If your question is not relevant to the majority it may not be covered. If your baby already has a HIGH reliance on sleep assistance or a sleep aid the routine should improve things but won’t solve them, only sleep training will do this. There is no follow on support after the webinar. 

Note: This will not be recorded. 

T & Cs:

• In the unlikely event that Kelly would have to cancel the webinar, a full refund will be arranged.

• If you wish to cancel your place on the webinar, a full refund will be issued if you have given us a minimum of 48hrs notice prior to the webinar.

• Please note this is one ticket for one screen.

• This ticket is non-transferable to another webinar. 

• We are not responsible if a ticket holder cannot attend the webinar or miss parts of it due to your internet failure or other distractions.

Please note: I fully support parents who prefer their baby to feed and sleep on demand, but many parents who come to me are seeking guidance to help their baby in to a routine. Whatever you choose is right for your family is best.